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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Green Goddess Necklace

It has been a while, but I am finally adding new jewelry to my shop. Leave it to a nice relaxing vacation in Virginia to provide some quality creative time!

Green Goddess Necklace is the first new piece. I love the combination of green and copper, which brings to mind a time of gods and goddesses in ancient Greece, flowing togas, laurel wreaths, and marble columns.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Featured Piece on StudioHaus's Blog

StudioHaus has featured one of my jewelry pieces on her blog. Check out Briny Blue Sea Necklace and vote for a prize to be given by StudioHaus on Thurs. I am so honored to be featured!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Birthday Sale On Boundless Gallery

I am celebrating my birthday this month (and no, I am not thinking about my age, but I am proud to know that I have earned each and every one of my gray hairs :o)--not that I will ever admit again that I have any!) Thru June 1st, all GALLERY ZOO ART pieces on Boundless Gallery are 30% off the listed price. Use coupon code BIRTHDAY at check-out to receive the discount. My latest art is included in this sale, so if you have been looking for an opportunity to save some money on art by Catherine Jeltes, here it is!


Wow! I am absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to post my entire online portfolio on one brand spankin' new website: This site hosts my entire online collection which includes my large canvas paintings, yupo paper paintings, photography, 5" x 7" paintings on canvas board (art cards), and gemstone bead jewelry. With everything on one site, there is no need to pop all over the internet searching for GALLERY ZOO ART or Catherine Jeltes pieces. Plus purchases can be made directly from me, via PayPal--just click on the Buy Now button on the item description page. PayPal accounts are free, and you can shop confidently from a secure site.

It will take me a bit to post all of my pieces, so for the curious feel free to check back often. also has an area for more blog postings, so I will be bouncing back and forth between here (blogger) and there. As a special treat for my collectors, my latest art pieces will be made available on FIRST, so to get the scoop before everyone else please bookmark my new site.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Primal Energy

I decided to take a quasi-break from flowers (though not truly...I still painted them while I was painting this different piece) and get back to my animal/wildlife roots.

About a month ago I did a quadtych art card set entitled "African Wildlife." Another artist mentioned that before seeing the size of the piece (each of the four paintings was 5" x 7") he thought that it was larger, or at least wanted to be. I had that impression as well, so I developed my triptych Savannah
around the image of the mother elephant and her calf hurrying back to her side. I used the colors of the art cards as a base for the abstract background to create a sense of the African savannah--it's energy, wildness, and yes, peacefulness. Various waterfowl (not necessarily a true to size ratio!) added the tranquility to the scene I needed, which helps to balance the energy of the elephant calf panel. Each primary figure in the end panels (the heron in flight in Panel 1 and the baby elephant in Panel 3) are moving towards the middle panel which helps to keep the viewer's eye in the image. All figures are drawn toward the central figure of the mother elephant, another symbol for Mother Earth.

The tree canopy created a particular challenge for me, as I was stuck here for some time trying to determine how to develop this area of the painting. It went through several changes until I settled on using mixed media. To do this, I cut sections of fine art paper with real bamboo leaf inclusions into large-ish palm leaves and glued them in place. The color was still too bright for the painting, so I applied a gentle orange wash to stain the leaves before adding cobalt teal for more depth and contrast. I then sealed the paper with a gloss gel medium.

I love the background of the first panel--its contrasts, textures, and translucency--all off-set by the crispness of the sillouettes of the water birds. I think I may very well explore this theme another time :o)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Blooms in Violet and Blue

Here are some more abstract acrylic florals to add to my art card "bouquet". Blooms In Violet is a mixed media piece, painted on 5" x 7" canvas board that is wrapped in fine art paper. This particular background is quite effective for these types of florals as it lends a quaint botan
ical charm to the image. Blooms In Violet was inspired by a wedding favors commission I am working on. Maybe that is why it seems to have somewhat of an "air of
about it. Blooms In Blue explores my love of blue. Perhaps the casual feel of this piece developed from my associations between blue and relaxation...and maybe my love of blue jeans!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


At long last I finished my biggest triptych thus far. Burst is a celebratory piece, a tribute to the energy and botanical explosion of pure and simple beauty that is springtime. I have to admit that it took several weeks to complete, and not just because I have been working on several pieces at once. The technique I use to form each flower allows for the creation of only several at a time--each flower must dry first before others are created nearby. This drying process takes around 24 hours, so you can imagine with a painting this size how much time was involved!

Burst is 20" x 44"--HUGE--and the thing about multiple canvas pieces is that each canvas may be hung closer together or farther apart, depending upon your spacial needs. It also makes it much more cost effective to ship, as I can send a fairly large work without having to charge freight.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gallery Zoo Art Designs

So I have finally gone and jumped in head first once again. I have opened another shop on Etsy. This one, Gallery Zoo Art Designs, is all about jewelry--specifically, gemstone necklaces and bracelets. I am not a big jewelry wearer, but I do love the casual piece or 2 that goes with nearly everything...something that screams "C-A-T-H-I". I love simple, and I love earthy. You will not find any bling in this shop, unless your idea of bling is Mother Nature. I will attempt to add stock on a fairly consistent basis, though painting takes precidence. My current pieces are Just Beachy, Picasso Pebbles, and Mountain Sunrise. So if you are in the mood to browse, please stop by. I'd love to know what you think.

Friday, March 27, 2009


I gravitate towards the color combo of orange and blue, particularly the shade of teal. Can you tell ;o) These shades stimulate all of my senses, probably because I have so many associations with blue and orange. Visually, they are energetic, vibrant, and lively. I can both hear and feel music when working these colors, and they create an intense craving for citrus as well. They also inspire me to create, whether it be paintings or beaded jewelry. They simply feed my soul.

My newest painting, Tropicana, is an 11" x 14" abstract acrylic painting on Yupo paper and presents with a free 16" x 20" white mat. Maybe this will be food for your soul, too.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Morning Glories

For those of you as enamoured of "blue" as I am, you will adore this little blue floral painting. I love how the blossoms are off-set by the green gold background, which I gave a bit more texture to (adding to the contrast.) My favorite aspect of these florals, however, is the wispy-white centers of the flowers that seem to evoke a lazy summer day of cloud-gazing and letting all cares drift along with them.

Morning Glories is a 5" x 7" abstract floral painting on canvas board. As with all of my 5" x 7"'s (art cards), there is blank paper on the back for personalization.

African Wildlife Series 1

Ah it is, my African Wildlife Series One. I really love these colors together, so much so, in fact, that you will be seeing them soon in my next large size triptych (20" x 36".)

This series is a quadtych, a set of four individual 5" x 7" abstract acrylic paintings on canvas board. Each one is a special selection illustrating the raw beauty and energy that we associate with Africa and its unique wildlife: a mother elephant and her inquisitive calf, racing back to her side for comfort and security; a heron in the waters at daybreak; grazing gemsbok; an abstraction of zebra stripes. I must admit I will feel a bit of a twinge when I part with these!

African Wildlife Series One, only available on Etsy.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cottage Lanes

Wow--spring is roaring in and I've been fortunate enough to be busy, busy, busy! So much so that in fact I have been extremely remiss with regards to blogging. I actually listed this painting, Cottage Lanes, a couple of weeks ago, and I am in the midst of working on a small series of 5" x 7" 's on canvas board, entitled African Wildlife Series as well as two other larger paintings. As you can see, my AADD (Art Attention Deficit Disorder) is truly shining now.

But back to Cottage Lanes...

This is a 20" x 20" acrylic abstract floral diptych on gallery wrapped canvas. Each panel is 20" x 10", and may be displayed close together or farther apart to cover less or more wall space. This piece actually began as a triptych, but the third panel just did not mesh with the other two. (It was, however, the perfect abstract backdrop for a painting of a train for my son's bedroom. As soon as the train is completed, I will post it here.) I love the colors and patterns that emerged when painting Cottage Lanes--and blending the edges of the flowers into the background reminded me of the waves of color in fields along quiet country well as seeing flowers in the rain through a blurry wet window. I love that I can almost smell wet earth and fresh mulch when viewing this.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Revelations Of Spring

Another YUPO painting has emerged from the studio. Revelations Of Spring is about the exuberance of new life as Mother Nature erupts from the earth amidst the cacophony of birds engaged in mating rituals and insects awakening from their winter slumbers.

It is simply about the beauty inherent in Spring's chaos.

11" x 14" abstract acrylic painting on yupo paper. For those unfamiliar with yupo paper, it is a unique paper that does not absorb water. Paint stays on the surface of the paper instead of seeping into it, allowing the colors to remain their truest and most vibrant. Yupo paper will not tear or crease, and is designed to remain flat. I love this stuff. I must also note that there is a bit more teal in the painting than is shown in the photo, most noticeably above the flower. I could not quite get an exact match in Photo Shop, but this image is close.

Revelations Of Spring
presents with a FREE 16" x 20" white mat.

Saphire Cream On Citrus

Back to orange for my latest 5" x 7" paintings. Saphire Cream On Citrus has incredibly vibrant colors, and the blooms developed gorgeous marbleized effects during the painting process. As always, these "art cards" have blank paper on the back to write personalized messages. They truly make unique keepsake gifts! Saphire Cream On Citrus are available as a diptych for $20.00, or individually for $12.00. Only found on Etsy.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Clean Studio Sale


I desperately want a clean studio. Here is a great opportunity to help me out with my attempts at spring cleaning :o)

For the month of March, I will be hosting a CLEAN STUDIO SALE at Boundless Gallery. Click on the tab marked S*A*L*E
to browse select inventory up to 50% off! This is a remarkable opportunity to purchase a GALLERY ZOO ART original at a fraction of my regular online prices.

For those of you who live in the St. Louis area, if you contact me prior to your purchase you can get free shipping as well.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Floral YUPOs

Here are two new absolutely vibrant abstract florals on YUPO paper. As I've said before, no other ground captures the pure color intensity of paint quite like yupo. The colors in both of these paintings are far more "knock your socks off" in person than can possibly be relayed via computer.

Flower Patch is 11" x 14". This piece is an interplay of the complementary colors of blue and orange in various hues and textures. As a composition, those two shades showcase the crispness of the weave texture in the foreground with the watercolor-like background. Together they compliment the floral imagery dancing throughout these "patches."

Of Flame is also 11" x 14" and is somewhat of a fantasy piece, using flames and fire to illuminate and almost appear to give birth to the three white blossoms. Much as it is easy to lose oneself when staring into a campfire, Of Flame represents our visionary capabilities when we truly free ourselves of the day to day bindings of routine and open ourselves to whatever possibilities are out there. (It is also just a really, really, cool painting!)

Both pieces come with a FREE 16" x 20" acid-free white mat. See Boundless Gallery and/or Etsy for details.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fire Blossoms On Turquoise

Here is my newest art card in the Fire Blossom series...Fire Blossoms On Turquoise. There is only one of these little gems, so hurry to Etsy and have a peek!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Rhapsody In Violet

Ah...back to some good ol' YUPO paper. Love this stuff. It is marketed as a water color paper, but it does not absorb water like traditional water color papers do. Instead, water and color sits on the surface which results in THE most vibrant colors possible. The results are incredibly gorgeous.

Rhapsody In Violet
is a highly textural piece. It is not mixed media, but simply acrylic paint on YUPO. This piece is 11" x 14" and comes with a free 16" x 20" white mat, so it easily slips into a standard size frame. If you love your purples and blues, then are sure to enjoy Rhapsody In Violet.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Kiss Of Spring

After almost a month of waiting for a delivery of my "out of stock" canvas order, voila--my second large triptych. Kiss Of Spring is my artistic embrace of these warm "teaser" spring days we have been getting here in Missouri of late. You know what these drops of climatic bliss are--the warm, mid 60 degree-ish days smack in the midst of bitterly cold winter days or weeks that seduce you into believing spring is just around the corner? That yes, you will in fact be able to allow your toes to see the sun? When dressing to go out merely consists of sunblock, shorts, and a tee--shoes optional? When, much like an alchoholic in a bar, you will be able to puruse the neighborhood garden shop for your favorite annuals and perrenials--and then actually plant them?

To say that I have been fascinated with florals to the point of obsession of late is not quite accurate. Utterly and completely consumed is more the state of my artistic frenzy. And I am not complaining. Right now, these florals are the ultimate in creativity for me, tempting any size, any color, any composition...therapy for my artistic soul, as it were. Here are a couple of 5" x 7" beauties as well. I call these particular blooms Fire Blossoms. With their white-ish petals and fire-y centers, how can I call them anything but?

Kiss Of Spring, 2009. 20" x 30" abstract floral triptych on gallery wrapped canvas.
Fire Blossoms On Chocolate, 2009. 5" x 7" abstract florals on canvas board.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Blue Florals On Lemon

Here are the latest 5" x 7" paintings in my series of florals, titled Blue Florals On Lemon. Each painting may be purchased individually, or in a diptych or triptych. My personal favorite is #1. Check them out--you are sure to get an early taste of springtime!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Abstract Photos Abound at Boundless

So I am still on a floral kick and I am re-inventing my more traditional approach to photography-- sort of really starting to let myself run a bit wild. This new series takes two separate and unique original photographs and melds them into one image, using the digital darkroom to accentuate and alter texture, light, shadow, and color (crayons, anyone?) into some fantastically abstract pieces. To unify these images, one photograph is the same in each; the other photograph is different. Can you find the heart shape in each? Stop by Boundless Gallery and check these out--you won't be disappointed!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Florals on Cherry Vanilla they are, three more of my Flower Blossoms On Cherry Vanilla. They are available as single 5" x 7" paintings for $12.00, or in doubles (diptychs) for $20.00 per set, or as a triptych for $30.00. If you would like to purchase more than one in a different combination than I have listed on Etsy, just click on "contact" beneath my avatar to use the Etsy convo option and I will create a listing especially for you!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Flower Shop Dreams

I am really loving these florals! Flower Shop Dreams is my latest attempt to entice an early spring for 2009. When I began this painting, I was going to expand upon my Midnight Beach Abstract Series by doing something similar on a larger scale. Guess what? I find that with abstracts, I am happiest with my work when I work on whims instead of plans. The canvas tends to be where I am most spontaneous, because quite frankly, I tend to plan out most everything I can in my life (which may be why I am challenged at times by toddlers...a shocker I'm sure for those that know me ;o)

The energy of this piece truly took on a life of its own, governed by the color, placement of shapes, lines, and overall movement. "What if I do this?" became the primal force that possessed me. And you know what? I liked it. I loved the freedom of expression that took hold of me, plans be damned. And I hope you like this piece too.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Flower Blossoms On Citrus Series

It's here! No, not Spring...but this is an excellent way to celebrate an early arrival! My new series on Etsy, Flower Blossoms On Citrus, is now available. I had so much fun creating these little gems that I plan on expanding them to larger pieces. The application of the paint creates a fascinating marbelized effect that truly adds depth and dimension to these florals. And with this series, I adore the citrus color of the orange backdrop, which really makes these flowers POP. So c'mon...add one to your home or workspace. I promise it will brighten it up!

Each painting is 5" x 7" on canvas board, with blank paper on the back to personalize with your message. Price for each is $12.00. The complete series--all 3 paintings--is $30.00.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Coming Soon To Etsy...

Floral Blossoms On Citrus...

Only available in my Etsy Shop

I'll let you know as soon as these beauties post.

Deep Midnight Florals

I normally do not offer framed paintings, but with this set I have made an exception. Deep Midnight Florals are my latest pieces. They are 5" x 7" abstract floral mixed media paintings on canvas board. Each painting is on a double black mat with a white frame, making these very simple yet elegant floral pieces. The canvas board is wrapped with fine art paper containing real bamboo leaf inclusions--love this paper!--and I designed the flowers on that backdrop. Each frame is approximately 10.75" x 12.75" x 1.25", with total dimensions for both about 21.5" x 12.75" (if hung vertically; if displayed horizontally, dimensions are about 10.75" x 25.50".) Price is $110.00 for the set, shipping included.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Another Egret?

Yes, I admit it: apparently I have a "thing" for painting egrets. But hey, in my defense, egrets have fantastically graceful lines that swoop, curve, and can move from bold to delicate in one mere brushstroke.

So here it is...another mixed media piece whose central figure is offset by papyrus paper and paper made with bamboo leaf inclusions. This piece has a bit of an Asian feel to it. Originally I planned to feature an Asian elephant abstract but in the end the figure of a flying egret demanded my attention. I decided to heed the call.

Of Water And Air is a 16" x 20" mixed media abstract, representing the grace and power of a great egret in flight. I will post this piece on Boundless Gallery tomorrow (1/15).

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Secret Garden

Here is my latest piece, Secret Garden. As you can see, this is a continuation of my affair with fine art paper :o) This work is truly an exploration of mixed media and collage, as I have utilized my own hydrangea photographs, fabric, paper, acrylic paints, and molding paste.

Secret Garden is 18" x 15" on hand-stretched (by me) gallery wrapped fabric, which was archivally treated prior to beginning the collage. The fine art paper has real flower petal and bamboo leaf inclusions, making for a wonderful collage "springboard" of ideas. Some of the paper is tissue-thin, which I took advantage of to add interest and allow the pattern of the fabric background to show through.

As I worked with the collage, the hydrangea photos became graceful trees, with their stems twining like tree trunks, alluding to the roots below. It seemed to be similar to the way a child might see these gargantuan flowering shrubs in a garden. The rest of the piece evolved from the hydrangeas, with various textures and shapes positioned to lead the eye through the imagery.

This piece was incredibly experimental for me, and I had quite a bit of fun finding my way through it. Secret Garden will post for sale tomorrow (Sunday Jan. 11.) Be sure to stop by Boundless Gallery and check it out!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Boundless Gallery Best Seller

January 2009 has been an absolutely amazing month so far. Not only have I had 3 sales in 5 days, but as of today I am officially a best-selling artist on Boundless Gallery!

Why is this so significant for me? It was only in January of last year (January 23rd, in fact) that I posted my first artwork online. You see, I left the "day" job I had in September of 2007 to pursue this dream of being a professional artist. Not only was the prospect of changing careers a bit daunting, but it was also incredibly liberating. However, aside from creating, I knew absolutely nothing about selling online, being in business for myself, or how to market myself. So I read everything I could find, via online searches, business magazines for artists such as Art Calendar, artist sites such as Empty Easel, and reading and participating in social networking on sites such as Art Scuttlebutt and Boundless Gallery. I also invested in a personalized art coaching session, which helped me maximize my portfolio as well as provide me with several handy online marketing tips.

And oh yeah, through it all I was raising a toddler...! What was I thinking????

But the things in life you work for, the things you earn through blood, sweat, and tears...those are the things that have meaning, and at times help define the person you are or can be.

And I am a professional artist!

Crane--GALLERY ZOO ART by Catherine Jeltes. This piece was one of my first sales, and named Piece Of The Day on Boundless Gallery in 2008.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Serendipity--Mixed Media Diptych, 2009

As promised, but just under the wire...Serendipity is my first completed art work for 2009. Serendipity is a diptych (2 canvases) on gallery wrapped linen which has been primed with clear acrylic gesso, allowing the color and the texture of the linen to come through. Each panel is 20" x 16" x 1 3/8"; total dimensions are 20" x 32" x 1 3/8" (panels may be hung farther apart to cover more space.) Each piece is ready to hang (hanging wire is on back.) Price is $275.00; shipping is $30.00. If you live in St. Louis, contact me for reduced or even free :o) shipping charges.