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Friday, February 20, 2009

Floral YUPOs

Here are two new absolutely vibrant abstract florals on YUPO paper. As I've said before, no other ground captures the pure color intensity of paint quite like yupo. The colors in both of these paintings are far more "knock your socks off" in person than can possibly be relayed via computer.

Flower Patch is 11" x 14". This piece is an interplay of the complementary colors of blue and orange in various hues and textures. As a composition, those two shades showcase the crispness of the weave texture in the foreground with the watercolor-like background. Together they compliment the floral imagery dancing throughout these "patches."

Of Flame is also 11" x 14" and is somewhat of a fantasy piece, using flames and fire to illuminate and almost appear to give birth to the three white blossoms. Much as it is easy to lose oneself when staring into a campfire, Of Flame represents our visionary capabilities when we truly free ourselves of the day to day bindings of routine and open ourselves to whatever possibilities are out there. (It is also just a really, really, cool painting!)

Both pieces come with a FREE 16" x 20" acid-free white mat. See Boundless Gallery and/or Etsy for details.

1 comment:

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Very interesting and colorful pieces!