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Monday, February 9, 2009

Kiss Of Spring

After almost a month of waiting for a delivery of my "out of stock" canvas order, voila--my second large triptych. Kiss Of Spring is my artistic embrace of these warm "teaser" spring days we have been getting here in Missouri of late. You know what these drops of climatic bliss are--the warm, mid 60 degree-ish days smack in the midst of bitterly cold winter days or weeks that seduce you into believing spring is just around the corner? That yes, you will in fact be able to allow your toes to see the sun? When dressing to go out merely consists of sunblock, shorts, and a tee--shoes optional? When, much like an alchoholic in a bar, you will be able to puruse the neighborhood garden shop for your favorite annuals and perrenials--and then actually plant them?

To say that I have been fascinated with florals to the point of obsession of late is not quite accurate. Utterly and completely consumed is more the state of my artistic frenzy. And I am not complaining. Right now, these florals are the ultimate in creativity for me, tempting any size, any color, any composition...therapy for my artistic soul, as it were. Here are a couple of 5" x 7" beauties as well. I call these particular blooms Fire Blossoms. With their white-ish petals and fire-y centers, how can I call them anything but?

Kiss Of Spring, 2009. 20" x 30" abstract floral triptych on gallery wrapped canvas.
Fire Blossoms On Chocolate, 2009. 5" x 7" abstract florals on canvas board.

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