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Tuesday, April 7, 2009


At long last I finished my biggest triptych thus far. Burst is a celebratory piece, a tribute to the energy and botanical explosion of pure and simple beauty that is springtime. I have to admit that it took several weeks to complete, and not just because I have been working on several pieces at once. The technique I use to form each flower allows for the creation of only several at a time--each flower must dry first before others are created nearby. This drying process takes around 24 hours, so you can imagine with a painting this size how much time was involved!

Burst is 20" x 44"--HUGE--and the thing about multiple canvas pieces is that each canvas may be hung closer together or farther apart, depending upon your spacial needs. It also makes it much more cost effective to ship, as I can send a fairly large work without having to charge freight.

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