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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Boundless Gallery Best Seller

January 2009 has been an absolutely amazing month so far. Not only have I had 3 sales in 5 days, but as of today I am officially a best-selling artist on Boundless Gallery!

Why is this so significant for me? It was only in January of last year (January 23rd, in fact) that I posted my first artwork online. You see, I left the "day" job I had in September of 2007 to pursue this dream of being a professional artist. Not only was the prospect of changing careers a bit daunting, but it was also incredibly liberating. However, aside from creating, I knew absolutely nothing about selling online, being in business for myself, or how to market myself. So I read everything I could find, via online searches, business magazines for artists such as Art Calendar, artist sites such as Empty Easel, and reading and participating in social networking on sites such as Art Scuttlebutt and Boundless Gallery. I also invested in a personalized art coaching session, which helped me maximize my portfolio as well as provide me with several handy online marketing tips.

And oh yeah, through it all I was raising a toddler...! What was I thinking????

But the things in life you work for, the things you earn through blood, sweat, and tears...those are the things that have meaning, and at times help define the person you are or can be.

And I am a professional artist!

Crane--GALLERY ZOO ART by Catherine Jeltes. This piece was one of my first sales, and named Piece Of The Day on Boundless Gallery in 2008.

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Amber Maida said...

It's my turn to congratulate you Catherine! Your paintings are fantastically captivating, best wishes to you always!