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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Secret Garden

Here is my latest piece, Secret Garden. As you can see, this is a continuation of my affair with fine art paper :o) This work is truly an exploration of mixed media and collage, as I have utilized my own hydrangea photographs, fabric, paper, acrylic paints, and molding paste.

Secret Garden is 18" x 15" on hand-stretched (by me) gallery wrapped fabric, which was archivally treated prior to beginning the collage. The fine art paper has real flower petal and bamboo leaf inclusions, making for a wonderful collage "springboard" of ideas. Some of the paper is tissue-thin, which I took advantage of to add interest and allow the pattern of the fabric background to show through.

As I worked with the collage, the hydrangea photos became graceful trees, with their stems twining like tree trunks, alluding to the roots below. It seemed to be similar to the way a child might see these gargantuan flowering shrubs in a garden. The rest of the piece evolved from the hydrangeas, with various textures and shapes positioned to lead the eye through the imagery.

This piece was incredibly experimental for me, and I had quite a bit of fun finding my way through it. Secret Garden will post for sale tomorrow (Sunday Jan. 11.) Be sure to stop by Boundless Gallery and check it out!

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