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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Revelations Of Spring

Another YUPO painting has emerged from the studio. Revelations Of Spring is about the exuberance of new life as Mother Nature erupts from the earth amidst the cacophony of birds engaged in mating rituals and insects awakening from their winter slumbers.

It is simply about the beauty inherent in Spring's chaos.

11" x 14" abstract acrylic painting on yupo paper. For those unfamiliar with yupo paper, it is a unique paper that does not absorb water. Paint stays on the surface of the paper instead of seeping into it, allowing the colors to remain their truest and most vibrant. Yupo paper will not tear or crease, and is designed to remain flat. I love this stuff. I must also note that there is a bit more teal in the painting than is shown in the photo, most noticeably above the flower. I could not quite get an exact match in Photo Shop, but this image is close.

Revelations Of Spring
presents with a FREE 16" x 20" white mat.

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