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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Preparation for Holiday Shop

These past couple of weeks have been a swirl of holiday activity and preparations for my first "in person" sale venue. Fortunately, my creative juices have been fully cooperating, as has my two year old who has been incredibly self-sufficient with occupying himself more often than not to allow me to maximize my productiveness. As any mother of a toddler knows, this is no small feat and nothing short of a miracle--so this would be one item to check off in the "what am I thankful for right this minute" column. (Well, that and my morning cup of coffee--apparently fuel for both my creative soul and current state of mental health.)

What am I creating for my "in person" holiday shop? Well, not only are there items available in my online stores, but there are also wildlife themed art cards not currently posted online. I am also making some jewelry pieces as well, both beaded necklaces and bracelets on both leather, silk cord, and a combination of the two. Even my husband has added some things to the mix: small leather pouches hand-sewn from deer leather with beaded edges and a zuni bear--hand crafted from pipestone--featured on one of the necklaces. Most prices range from $12 to $49.95, with the exception of a print or two from my Sold wildlife paintings.

All of this activity is in addition to painting larger pieces for my online galleries, and I am amazed at my energy level. My multi-tasking skills, honed from years of do-it-all-and-you-get-more-to-do, are finally paying off. I must be absorbing toddler exhuberence via osmosis. But hey, I'm not complaining.

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