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Monday, November 3, 2008

New "Scape" Photograph

Today I added a new photograph to my "Scape" Series. This photography series celebrates the detailed minutia that comprises the whole--the ordinary that we take for granted when our eyes place it as merely part of a larger whole, instead of a part of that larger whole. Captured in this form of abstraction, these details become the landscape of the subject--hence, the name "Scape" series.

Cranescape (2008) is the latest in this series, detailing the dramatic placement of an African Crowned Crane's feathers in sun and shadow. I love this photograph because it epitomizes the grace and beauty of this bird in its creation of dramatic abstraction. I did minimal editing in the digital darkroom, as I prefer to leave the image untinkered with in its elegant simplicity.

Check out the entire "Scape" Series at

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