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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Work in Progress--Serendipity

Here is my latest work in progress, titled Serendipity. This piece is going to be a mixed media diptych, 20" x 32"; this is panel one (20" x 16".) It is painted on gallery wrapped linen (depth is 1.25" thick) primed with clear acrylic gesso which allows the color and texture of the linen to show through. I love creating pieces with linen as the ground because it establishes a very different sort of setting for the painting than canvas. I become immediately engaged with more than the visual--it invites me to touch, to breathe the scent of clean fabric...well, you get the idea (hopefully without thinking I've imbibed too much holiday spirits.)

This first panel of Serendipity has been created with a fine art paper (ah, yes, another love) that contains tiny, unwoven strands of yarn in yellow, blue, red, and green. On top of that I have applied a wide strand of some sort of open-weave raffia (I've had it for so long that I honestly can't recall what exactly it is, only that it is still wonderful stuff) and then drizzled white and black paint about in a random pattern. This piece is about texture with a fiber-feel, with strands of color and lines unifying the energy and movement that goes into the process of creating a design for weaving or knitting (or anything, really--my inspiration happened to be loom-weaving.)

I hope to have Serendipity's second panel completed by next Sunday (January 4th.) Look for it on

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