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Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Heroine's Overture

Here is my most recent posted piece, The Heroine's Overture. It is my first triptych, where one image continues across three separate canvases. I enjoy the dramatic quality creating across multiple canvases brings to a piece--I will definitely be exploring more pieces such as this. Each canvas measures 20" x 10", for a total size of 20" x 30" (canvases may be spaced farther apart for a larger size.)

So what is this painting about, exactly? For me, it is an exploration of line, color, and movement--an abstract visualization of the type of music used for a heroine. Here I see energy, life, courage, determination, yet something larger than herself that she must face or overcome that will mold the change or shape the destiny of the heroine. This piece depicts the triumph of the heroine. All of my art at this point reflects the positive element in life, nature, and the human character.

The Heroine's Overture By Catherine Jeltes, GALLERY ZOO ART

1 comment:

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Very fun and energetic! From reading your posts, it looks like it was inspired by your busy household and can-do attitude. Keep up the good work, esp. being Mommy. It's the most important job you'll ever have!